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New Look!!!


We changed our look, but not our delicious flavor and quality service.  Our mission is to provide our customers with valuable and delicious food service, by giving each product that we serve quality attention before it hits our customers' plate.  We smoke our turkeys low and slow over hickory wood, chop and season them to perfection with the best Eastern NC style BBQ sauce. 

Smack's Story


Smack's Shack Concession and Catering, LLC was founded in 2010, by Howard Clark aka Smack, who has always had passion for cooking and putting a smile on other people's faces.  Smack learned his basic cooking skills from watching his mother Miriam J. Clark, throw down in the kitchen. Howard is a graduate of Elizabeth City State University where he discovered that he wanted to start his own restaurant. Upon graduation Howard started a career in the public sector where he met a man selling a Crab food truck. Howard knew that this truck was going to need some work, but was determined to turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. With the help of his dad (Howard Clark, Sr.), Smack rebuilt this truck into a state of the art functioning food truck. With the support from his mother and father, Howard created Smack’s Shack Concession and Catering, LLC. Since then Howard has been catering, perfecting his craft, and making improvements to the truck when time is permitted. Smack’s Shack concept was originally to be another Crab Shack, but overtime grew into a Chicken and BBQ company, due to Smack's love for smoking meats and customers' most requested products. Smack’s Shack is most famous for their Chicken, Seafood, and Eastern Style BBQ.  Smack started getting request for Turkey BBQ, a healthier alternative to Pork BBQ. Upon this request Smack started providing his customers with the best Turkey Barbeque in Eastern NC and surrounding areas. One day (2018), Smack was having a conversation with one his customers and long-time friends about the need and demand for turkey barbeque in Eastern NC. Smack’s friend who is from the triangle made the comment that Smack’s Shack was the Triangle’s best Turkey Barbeque and the light bulb went on. That day Triangle Turkey Barbeque was born.  

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We serve the best turkey BBQ in North Carolina!!!  Triangle Turkey Barbeque, the healthy alternative.